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Juvenile Echidna

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photo and story copyright Sharon McGrigorEchidnas become more active in Spring and more come into WIRES care during this time.

This dispersing juvenile was found at with multiple injuries. There was evidence of some old injuries and some recent ones. It seems this little one was having a run of bad luck.

The grooming claw on one rear leg is missing and several claws on her other hind foot are missing. Many of her spines were broken and she had a small cut on her snout (beak).

A course of antibiotics and some TLC with lots of good food and safe housing should see this young one on her way to recovery.

One week after coming into care with WIRES she is now recovering and eating well. There are some signs that her grooming claw is growing back. The good news is that she is becoming very active and her nose is starting to heal. She has now been moved from intensive care to an outside enclosure and will soon be released.



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